Rules and Characters

In general, this section covers setting specific rules variations and general house rules. Specifically, the alternate rules for death and resurrection, and the specific scheme that covers unique treasure rewards given to the players during their adventures. It also covers rules regarding character creation, races, feats, and so forth.

Death & Resurrection

Death and resurrection work somewhat differently on Koar than in the rest of the multi-verse. For thousands of years, the souls of the dead could not depart to the planes as they normally would, and this has become the status quo. Theundine, the god responsible for the spirits of the departed on Koar has chosen to retain that status quo – a move which Koar’s local gods support, and which the powers of the planes decry as a blatant power play.

Power play or not, Theundine’s will rules the spirits of those who die on Koar, and this means that those spirits remain on the prime material long after their death. Consequently, resurrection, reincarnation, and similar rituals are far easier to use, particularly when the rituals are performed by one of Theundine’s clergy. Consult the following table for new costs and availability:

Rituals of the Dead
Ritual Normal Cost Theundal Cost Availability
Gentle Repose 25gp 10gp Available at virtually any temple
Speak With Dead 50gp 25gp Available at any Theundal temple and some others
Raise Dead (Heroic) 340gp 150gp Available at any Theundal temple and most others
Raise Dead (Paragon) 3,400gp 1,500gp Available at major Theundal temples and few others
Raise Dead (Epic) 34,000gp 15,000gp Available only at centers of faith

Note also that since souls cannot depart the plane, the usual requirement that an individual be resurrected within 30 days does not apply. Any creature that died since the establishment of The Seal (roughly the last 8,000 years) can be resurrected using Raise Dead if needed. Ancient souls may be very difficult to recall however – assuming they haven’t since been reincarnated – and this increases the difficulty of the ritual. Increase the cost of the ritual by 5,000gp and the casting time by eight hours for each year since the subject died.

Unique Magic Items

In rare cases the players may uncover Unique Items which are not generated from the standard treasure charts. These items will have an associated level and cost for the purposes of evaluating character’s overall wealth, but they may not be sold, traded, given away, or reduced to residuum. They may however be damaged, destroyed, lost, stolen, or consumed if warranted by the course of events. They receive no special protective qualities from these rules.

Characters for the Sanction of the Athar campaign will begin at 8th level, and should be created using the standard set of rules books and supplements for 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. Additionally, players may select options from the following sections where appropriate – any special considerations are outlined below.

In order to establish their character’s motivations, and allow the DM to develop plot threads and story elements which relate to each character individually, and the group as a whole, each character should also have at least a simple back story. The Athar are the villains of this campaign, and each character’s story should establish why he will choose to stand against them. These reasons may be as simple as basic faith, or something more complex and exotic, as each player sees fit.

Player Races

Players me choose to play characters of any of the races in the published 4th edition material. Most of these races have a home on Koar, and those that don’t have a specific territory can easily have come from some lesser known region, or from across the planes themselves. Players may also elect to play a Trul, Koar’s only native humanoid race. Hulking earth beings more closely resembling earth elementals than typical humanoids, they are never the less entirely natural humanoids with a culture that has outlasted history itself.

Gods & Powers

Player characters may follow deities from any setting. Now that Koar is open to the planes once again, the traditional gods are making a quiet effort to assert their power in the world. The local gods that were born from the millenia Koar was bound by The Seal persist strongly however, and players are welcome to follow them as well. A few of the more prominent are listed below:

Deities of the Modern Era
Deity Alignment Portfolio Feat
Bra'azeel Unaligned Deception, Illusion, Thieves, Lies Bra'azeel's Truth
Fraunk Good War, Heroes, Adventure Fraunk's Fury
Theundine Unaligned Death, Undeath, Lost Souls, Guidance, Travel Walk the Path
The Three Fathers Unaligned Truls, Knowledge, Wisdom, Primal Power Primal Blessing
Antus Evil Civilization, Law, Oppression Judgment of Antus
Paraxis Evil Murder, Tyranny, Oblivion Word of Death


Players may select backgrounds for their characters from the following list. They may also select backgrounds from other campaign settings – many people from across the multi-verse, even those without a great deal of adventuring experience, have ended up on Koar over the years.

Setting Backgrounds
Background Prerequisite Benefits
Drow Defector Drow Add bluff to class skills. Will bonuses also increase Bluff.
Escaped Illithid Slave None Gain +3 and assist as if trained on checks regarding Psionics.
Old Trul Trul Add a knowledge skill to class skills and gain +2 bonus.
Trul Raider None Gain +1 to Will vs. Psionic, Charm, and Psychic attacks.
Nenorian Noble Half Elf Add Diplomacy or Insight to class skills and gain a +2 bonus.
Nenorian Squire None Gain proficiency in one military melee or ranged weapon.
Evereni Woodsman Elf Add Nature or Perception to class skills and gain a +2 bonus.
Fey Craftsman None Create master-craft items that cost 20% less Residuum to enchant.
Elemental Soldier Genasi Your weapon attacks can deal elemental or weapon damage.
Merchant of Glimring None Add Bluff or Insight to class skills and gain a +2 bonus.
Theundal Wayfinder Worship Theundine Reduced cost and casting time on certain rituals.
Reincarnated Master None Add any two skills to your class skill list.
Dwarf Industrialist Dwarf or Gnome Double prices when selling items with a skill check.
Silverheim Sailor None Gain +3 and assist as if trained on checks regarding the sea.
Draconisian Officer Dragonborn Gain +1 to Initiative. Add one from a list to your class skills.
Plecian Scholar None Exchange class skills and gain a +1 bonus with swapped skills.
Eran League Politician Human or Halfling Add Diplomacy and Insight to class skills and gain a +1 bonus.
Exonar Spy None Roll twice on Bluff, Stealth, Streetwise, or Thievery.
Mercenary of Brend Eladrin Gain +2 to Acrobatics, Athletics, and Endurance in combat only.
Brendwood Border Guard None Gain a +3 bonus on either Perception or Nature checks.
Dalethian Prince Human Roll twice on Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, or Intimidate.
aNef'Holom Lowborn None Gain a +4 bonus on Death Saves.
Svenport Frontiersman Human or Shifter Gain +3 and assist as if trained on checks regarding wilderness.
Talian Heartlander None Use best attribute for hit points instead of Constitution.
Hellfire Channeler Tiefling Add an elemental damage type to implement powers.
League Trouble Shooter None Gain resist 1 to several damage types.
Legion Veteran Human It takes four failed death saves to kill you.
Buandar Citizen None Gain +6 for being trained in skills instead of +5.
Apprentice Litigant Human or Half Orc Gain +3 on rolls regarding the law, and assist as if trained.
Shield Coast Buccaneer None Roll twice on perception checks.
Forgemaster of Gramnal Dwarf or Goliath Create mundane equipment at half normal price.
New Silverheim Settler None Gain +3 with one of several skills.
Deva Fateshaper Deva Gain a +2 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy.
Sun Hills Hermit None Roll twice for your first skill check each encounter.


Players may select feats for their characters from any source book for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Many characters originate on different worlds, and even those who don’t may have acquired talents not native to Koar. In addition to the standard selection of feats, the following options are available in this setting:

Bloodline Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefits
Aberrant Heritage Living Humanoid Race Psychic Chaos as an Encounter Power, Aberrant Origin
Labyrinthine Madness 11th Level, Aberrant Heritage Feat Psychic Chaos's Daze effect becomes Save Ends
Manifest Hallucination 11th Level, Aberrant Heritage Feat Swap utility power for Manifest Hallucination
Mantra of Madness 10th Level, Aberrant Heritage Feat Swap utility power for Mantra of Madness
Mercurial Will Aberrant Heritage Feat Resist 5 Psychic, Saving throw bonuses
Psychic Backlash Aberrant Heritage Feat Damage attacker when attacked with Psychic or Charm
Psychic Invasion 21st Level, Aberrant Heritage Feat Targets hit by Psionic or Psychic grant combat advantage
Psychotic Reprisal 15th Level, Aberrant Heritage Feat Swap utility power for Psychotic Reprisal

Channel Divinity Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefits
Bra’azeel’s Truth Channel Divinity, Worship Bra’azeel Bra'azeel's Trush as an Encounter Power
Fraunk’s Fury Channel Divinity, Worship Fraunk Fraunk’s Fury as an Encounter Power
Judgement of Antus Channel Divinity, Worship Antus Judgement of Antus as an Encounter Power
Primal Blessing Channel Divinity, Worship The Three Fathers Primal Blessing as an Encounter Power
Walk the Path Channel Divinity, Worship Theundine Walk the Path as an Encounter Power
Word of Death Channel Divinity, Worship Paraxis Word of Death as an Encounter Power

Trul Racial Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefits
Ancestral Path Trul Race Ancestral Guidance grants cumulative +1 to hit each miss
Crystallized Defenses Trul Race When hit, gain +1 to the defense attacked
Earthwalker Trul Race, 21st Level Gain +2 Speed, Climb 6, Ignore difficult terrain
Iron Veins Trul Race, 11th Level Gain Resist 5 to untyped damage
Patient Contemplation Trul Race, 11th Level Gain +5 bonus when taking 10 on skill checks
Primal Resonance Trul Race Gain Tremmorsense 5 on earthen surfaces
Strength of Stone Trul Race, 11th Level No movement reduction from encumbrance and armor

Rules and Characters

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