Dimensional Breaching Charge

The Dimensional Breaching Charge was a device created by the Hall of Magisters in the Empire of Sul’Amon during The Imperial Epoch. Originally developed as a tool to ease the creation of stable portals for use in planar trade, its creators quickly realized that it was far to destructive to actually risk using, and destroyed their work in progress completely. Eight thousand years later, its design would be uncovered, and it would be used to destroy the artifact that maintained The Seal around Koar.

The Original Design

The Breaching Charge was composed of three components – the Dimensional catalyst, Conduit Assembly, and Spatial Lens – each with a distinct function. To activate the device, a ritual was first used to tune the Dimensional Catalyst to the conditions of the target plane, and then a second ritual initiated the flow of arcane power through the Conduit Assembly. As the power passed over the Catalyst, it was matched to the resonance of the target plane, and then channeled through the Spatial Lens, which translated the arcane power into its final effect on the surrounding space.

In principle, this process was designed to force a permanent state of conjunction between two planes by tuning the nature of reality around the device to match that of the target dimension. Such a conjunction would then be stabilized by the creation of runic portal at its center, which would both contain the effects, and allow controlled travel between the conjoined realities. In practice however, it proved impossible to constrain the effects, and the flow of energy between the two planes invariably ran out of control.

Destroying the Seal

The device that sustained the Seal on Koar was built to last forever. The power that drove it was channeled into the device from outside Koar’s plane by artifact fragments, scattered across the face of creation shortly before the Seal came into being. In order to destroy it, it was necessary to gather those fragments in, a seemingly impossible task, given the impossibility of leaving the sealed world to retrieve them.

To accomplish this, the adventurers used the power of the Breaching Charge to create a conjunction, but rather than joining two planes on along a single fixed reality, they tuned the device to the unique energies surrounding the Auspices artifact and its many scattered roots. By doing this, they effectively created hundreds of minor planer conjunctions which drew the device’s scattered elements into Koar.

With it’s roots gathered in, they destroyed the Planar Auspices, bringing the seal down, and dismantled the Planar Breaching Charge. It’s three peaces were carried to the corners of Koar for safe keeping. One was placed in the care of the church of Theundine, another given over to the Wardens of Arken Tor, and the third was gifted to the Great and Many Queen, ruler of The Great Webwood for safe keeping. What path they have traveled since then, only their current keepers know.

Dimensional Breaching Charge

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