Average Height: 6’6” – 7’6”
Average Weight: 500 – 800 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Choice of one language
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 History

Body of Earth: While analogous to the anatomy of other humanoids, your physiology is based on sterner stuff. You gain +1 to your Fortitude defense.

Ancient Memories: Most of the knowledge from your previous lives is gone, but enough remains to give you unique insights. If a feat prerequisite requires to you be a particular class, or class type (Arcane, Divine, Martial, Primal, etc.), you may ignore that requirement. Other prerequisite requirements, including class features, must still be met.

Insight of Ages: Your long experience has given you a keen eye for what others may miss. When you assist someone on a skill check and your total result is higher than theirs, use your result instead, and treat the original character as the assistant.

Ancestral Guidance: You gain Ancestral Guidance as an Encounter Power.

Ancestral Guidance
Trul Racial Power
Drawing on the wisdom of your ancestors, you gain insight into when it is best to strike, and when it is better to hold your power in reserve.
Immediate InterruptPersonal
Trigger: You miss with an Encounter or Daily power.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, the power gains the Reliable key word, and looses any Miss effects it may have.

Trul legend holds that, unlike any other known race of sentient being, the Trul were not the product of divine tinkering in the primordial chaos, but rather the ultimate expression of the natural order. A race truly sprung up on its own from the stuff of the earth. The truth of these legends is the subject of debate, even amongst the Trul themselves, but one thing is certain – the Trul are utterly different from their fellow races in every physical respect save their humanoid form.

Trul are hulking humanoids that more closely resemble earth elementals than any typical humanoid race. What sets them apart from the primal beings they resemble is there anatomy – where an elemental is animated by the sheer energy of the Elemental Chaos, Trul possess organs and tissues analogous to their fleshy counterparts, and every bit as critical to their lives. Though these vitals are composed of stone and silicate, the Trul are never the less natural creatures.

While anatomically analogous to other humanoid races, the Trul’s composition affords them a number of unique traits. Physically, Trul are not much larger than other humanoids, averaging around seven feet, but they are far more dense, with a typical troll weighing well over 500 pounds. Physically powerful in proportion to smaller, lighter races, the Trul physiology is simply not subject to the sort of fatigue and endurance that other races experience on a day to day basis.

With long arms and slightly hunched posture, Trul cut a fairly primitive silhouette. Their facial features give a similar impression, with a massive brow and jaw, typically broad, flat nose, and small pointed ears high on their low slung flat topped skull. All of these features have a craggy look, as if cracked or eroded from hard stone. In counterpoint to their primitive outline, Trul’s deep set eyes glint like colored gem stones – amber, emerald, amethyst, onyx, or in rare cases dark metallic grey – shining with intelligence.

Playing A Trul


Primal Resonance
Some Trul have a special bond with the earth and stone they spawned from. When they touch the earth, it becomes an extension of their senses.
Prerequisites: Trul
Benefit: You gain Tremmorsense to a range of five squares as long as you are in contact with an earthen surface. Thin coverings such as grass or carpet don’t interfere with this ability.

Crystallized Defenses
The bodies of some Trul contain geode-like cysts with powerful metaphysical qualities. Unconsciously, these organs respond to attacks, temporarily strengthening the Trul’s defenses.
Prerequisites: Trul
Benefit: When you are hit by an attack, you gain a +1 feat bonus to the defense it attacked until the end of your next turn.

Ancestral Path
All Trul listen to the voices of their ancestors, but some hear them better than others. Those who listen and head the guidance of of their forbears are said to walk the ancestral path.
Prerequisites: Trul
Benefit: A power effected by your Ancestral Guidance power gains a cumulative +1 bonus on attack rolls each time it misses.

Iron Veins
Trul born from iron rich stone, or who absorb iron from the earth during torpor, are sometimes shot through with shining silver or rusty red veins of metal which strengthen their bodies.
Prerequisites: Trul, Level 11
Benefit: You gain resist 5 against Weapon damage.

Strength of Stone
It is a popular myth that a Trul never tires, and can bear any load he can lift as if it weighed nothing at all. In reality, only a few Trul possess these traits.
Prerequisites: Trul, Level 11
Benefit: You are never slowed by the weight of what you are carrying (though you can still only carry a total weight of 20 x your strength score). You do not suffer movement penalties from your armor.

Patient Contemplation
Above all else, Trul are known for their patience. Able to focus on a single subject for centuries, they have no trouble taking their time with smaller tasks when needed.
Prerequisites: Trul, Level 11
Benefit: When you take 10 on a skill check, you gain an additional +5 bonus. This does not apply to passive skill values.

The eldest and most powerful Trul can form a very active bond with the earth. Stones settle and part at an Earthwalker’s step, handholds reveal themselves on sheer cliffs, and the earth rolls under his steps, propelling him along.
Prerequisites: Trul, Level 21
Benefit: When moving over an earthen surface, you gain +2 speed, a climb speed of 6, and you may ignore difficult terrain.

More remarkable than their physical traits however is the Trul’s effectively indefinite life span. A Trul’s natural life can extend over a geologic time frame, but is punctuated by decades long periods of torpor. During their wakeful cycles, a Trul lives just as any other creature, but after centuries of life or millennia – whenever he feels his current life’s journey is complete – he will retire to a long period of communion with the elements, only to re-emerge years later, ready to take in the new experiences the world has to offer.

During their torpor, Trul experience a sort of shared consciousness, where in the sum of their experiences in the preceding life are given over to the ancestral spirits, and a new life pat is sought. Typically, this means that while a Trul emerges from dormancy with his personality and much of his knowledge intact, he has divested himself of his former life and must begin again, following whatever journey he has devised for himself in his decades of contemplation.

The Trul do not physically procreate. In fact, it is their long periods of hibernation and their contribution to the race’s spiritual consciousness that gives rise to new members of their race. When a Trul dies, his spirit joins his ancestors among the swirling thoughts and memories of their race, and gathers to itself the bits and pieces of its fellows’ past lives. When it has gathered enough – forged itself a new personality and a new mind from the donations of its race – the spirit emerges from the stone, a new born Trul, adult and fully mature.

As befits the cycle of their life, Trul measure their ages in two parts. The most important, in their consideration is the span of time since their last period of torpor – this measures the time they have spent on their current life path, and gives meaningful scale to the scope of their undertakings. Trul also record the ages that have passed since their birth however. The Trul refer to this as their Drung, or lesser age, and consider it of little practical use beyond giving historical context to the events of their lives.

Adventuring is as common a path for Trul to explore as any other profession. At some point in their extensive lives almost every Trul chooses to pursue a path that leads him into dark dungeons and the far flung reaches of the world.


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