Tracking the Gnolls

Skill Challenge

Complexity 3, Level 8, 900xp
8 Successes / 4 Failures


  • Endurance (DC19) – Searching the forest inch by inch is tedious and time consuming, but it will do in a pinch. Some times there’s no better option than to do things the hard way.
  • Nature (DC19) – An understanding of the landscape gives you some clues as to where you might likely find the Gnolls’ cave. It can’t pinpoint them, but it can certainly narrow the search somewhat.
  • Stealth (DC19) – As you home in on the Gnolls’ lair, stealth may be a good option. There’s no telling how many more of the beasts are to be found holding down the fort.
  • Perception (DC24) – It’s difficult to follow the Gnolls’ tracks over such long distances – their cave must be miles from the road – but if you can keep their trail it will certainly lead you to your destination.


  • Standard success locates the Gnoll lair, but the Gnolls are alerted
  • Success using all four skills allows you to sneak up for a surprise round


  • Make an Endurance check (DC19) or loose a healing surge.
  • Make a Perception or Stealth check (Party, DC24) to avoid monsters, or loose a healing surge.

Tracking the Gnolls

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