The Time of Ancestors

It is not recorded how the world came into being. In The Imperial Epoch, philosophers held that it was the work of an Unknowable Creator – a being or force above the gods themselves, who forged the entire multi-verse from nothingness. What is known – from the oldest Trul histories and the most powerful divinations – is that the world was born an empty place. A wilderness where plants and animals flourished in the absence of sentient races.

The races created by the gods of many other worlds would come later, from across the Planes, but it was the Trul – the only truly native beings to arise from Koar’s primordial existence to sentience – that came first of all.

The Rise of the Trul

According to Trul mythology, the Trul were born not through any divine act, but from nature itself. A coalescence of the rock and earth into a familiar, humanoid form. The Trul were not primordials – like other mortal races, the they lived and died by there physical forms, not by some inscrutable inner energy – but the material of their being was unlike that of any other species.

The Trul numbered few, and were largely solitary, forming no great civilizations. A patient and contemplative race, they saw around themselves a world of virtually limitless mysteries, and set out to understand them. For eons in the time before time, the Trul wandered Koar on personal missions of enlightenment beyond the scope of even an elf’s multi-thousand year lifespan.

Tor Shagh the Cartographer is said to have walked the world, on a mission to tread every path and record the extent of Koar in complete detail. His contemporary, Thaen Durn sought to understand the sky itself, and spent millennia studying the patterns of weather and wind. His writings on the subject are held to be the basis all modern understanding in that field.

Through all there study, the one field the Trul never discovered was the arcane arts. The Trul had no aptitude for the arcane, none of the innate magic of other races, and so they went thousands of years without an inkling of its existence. In time however, a Trul philosopher called Secor Thurun posited the notion of gods, and in due course this gave rise to divine magic amongst the ancient race.

It was this divine power that eventually brought the time of ancestors to a close. As the Trul discovered the planes, and learned of the greater multi-verse and the arcane secretes uncovered by the races of other worlds, the world of Koar was opened up. Soon enough, other mortal races came, and gave rise to the great Empire of Sul’Amon and the beginning of the Imperial Epoch.

The Time of Ancestors

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