The Imperial Epoch

As the Trul ventured out into the planes at the end of the The Time of Ancestors, explorers, merchants, outcasts, missionaries, and colonists who met them were drawn to Koar with increasing frequency. It was not in the Trul’s nature to have settled the world, and so with a few exceptions, these newcomers found Koar an untamed wilderness full of a opportunity.



  • The great human immigration
  • Early colonies in the south
  • Ongoing planar travel and trade
  • Exploration and resource gathering

The Founding

  • The formation of the great guilds
  • The rise of the imperial pantheon
  • Aurun’Seth the Unifier

The Ascent

  • The Successor Emperors
  • Agencies of the Empire
  • The Compact of Paet
  • The Empire’s expanding territory

The Fall

  • The growing conflict of powers
  • The democratic experiment
  • The tyrant emperors
  • The great betrayal

The Imperial Epoch

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