The Divining Ritual

Skill Challenge

Complexity 2, Level 8, 700xp
4 Successes / 2 Failures


  • History (DC24) – The ancient empire of Sul’Amon used scrying devices such as this as a means of communications. To use this device, form a clear picture of the area you wish to view in your mind.
  • Arcana (DC19) – Focusing energy into the runes on the device causes it to flare with arcane power, and it’s mirror surface flashes with images that seem vaguely related to your intent.
  • Religion (DC19) – Whispering a prayer designed to clear your mind, you are able to resolve the images in the pool more clearly, and pin them down until they stop flickering so randomly.
  • Insight (DC24) – Although you cannot hear what they are saying, you can make out a good deal about the activities you are viewing by observing body language and general movements.


  • Standard success allows the players to view four different locations of choice
  • Success using all four skills gains extra guidance between choices


  • Make a saving throw or loose a healing surge.

The Divining Ritual

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