Stole of Ascension

Unique Neck Item

Ivory glyphs cover this long strip of brass colored silk, embroidered boldly over the almost metallic surface. Careful observation reveals that the text – written in an unknown language – is slowly shifting, changing at the rate of perhaps a character a week.

The Stole of Ascension was gifted to the party during their escape from the holding pens beneath the ancient citadel of Castelor, by a dying priest of Theundine. It is said that the stole was worn by Theundine himself, during his ascension to godhood.

Enhancement: +3 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

Property: When an ally spends a healing surge as the result of one of your healing powers, that ally becomes Insubstantial until the end of his or her next turn.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Stance. While the stance persists, you are Insubstantial. If you have reached a milestone today, while the stance persists, your healing powers are maximized.

Stole of Ascension

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