Star Touched Wraps

Unique Hands Item

These hand wraps are made of a thin, light leather that seems suspiciously like humanoid flesh. They are tattooed along their length with a single line of angular, chaotic looking script. When donned, they fade into the user’s flesh, leaving only the tattoos visible.

The Star Touched Wraps were recovered from the corpse of a half-aberrant bounty hunter the party encountered after fleeing from their captors in Castelor. Its history is unknown, but the script on it makes it clear that it was created by a powerful denizen of the Far Realms.

Property: When you use a ranged arcane attack power, you may use an enemy who you can see, and who is effected by your Warlock’s Curse as the power’s point of origin.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. Targets one creature effected by your Warlock’s Curse. Ranged 10. Make a Charisma + 4 attack against the target’s Will defense. On a hit, the target is banished into another dimension, effectively removed from the game (Save Ends). If you have reached a milestone today, this power is reliable. This is a teleportation effect.

Star Touched Wraps

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