Search the Town

Skill Challenge

Complexity 2, Level 8, 700xp
4 Successes / 2 Failures


  • Streetwise (DC19) – A man who’s comfortable with the people and places of a city will have luck here, both avoiding the authorities, and gathering the information needed.
  • Stealth (DC19) – Finding a good hiding place and laying low for an hour or so could throw the authorities off your trail, and buy you the time you need to find the man you’re looking for.
  • Bluff (DC24) – It takes some serious brass, but if you get in a pinch your best bet is to bluff right through it. Perhaps even volunteer to help the militia in their search.
  • Insight (DC24) – Knowing who you should and shouldn’t talk to is key. You may be able to sell your story to some folks, but others are bound to be more dubious of your tales, and take notice.


  • Standard success locates the old warehouse where the prisoner is being held
  • Success using all four skills gains you assistance during the breakout


  • Make a Streetwise or Stealth check (DC19) or loose a healing surge.

Search the Town

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