Sanction Base Camp

Nikolai: Kat’Arith, hold your… forces… in reserve to support mine at the gate. Our minions will not hold them for long.

A writhing cloud of shadow fills the teleportation circle in the center of the camp. As the shadows fade away, a single figure is visible – Fensuul.

Fensuul: That will not be necessary Nikolai. It’s past time to put an end to this.

Kat’Arith: Who is this Nikolai?

Nikolai: Impossible! You… the Apostate has not be called in millenia!

Fensuul: Then you should consider yourself privileged perhaps? It would seem you have made quite the impression. Now then, by the order of Terrance, Factol of the true Athar, you are commanded to surrender yourself to me, their chosen agent in this matter. Will you comply?

Nikolai: Kat’Arith, kill him!

Kat’Arith: I think not, “Lord Sanctioner” Sept. The usefulness of our alliance would seem to be at an end. Seize the device, and the book! We will proceed on our own.

Nikolai: What?! No! Unacceptable!

Kat’Arith: Your acceptance… is not required.

Nikolai: I command the might of the Powers themselves creature! I will destroy you utterly!

Kat’Arith: Your vaunted powers are meaningless, frail little thing. Or do you still believe we wish to restore the Seal, as you do? No… (chuckles) The Far Realm is coming, and when the Great Old Ones awaken, your dead Gods will mean nothing.

Nikolai: Stop him!

Fensuul: You won’t come quietly then? (sighs) Very well…

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Total: 12800xp (3200xp Each)

Sanction Base Camp

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