Ring of Twisted Dreams

Unique Ring

A simple band of swirled dark hematite and bright silver, this ring shimmers with an entrancing pattern of light and dark. Looking at the twisting aura for any period of time causes a mild headache, and is often followed by dreams of twisting shapes and madness.

The Ring of Twisted Dreams was recovered from the corpse of a Soul Knife in the service of the Sanction general Nikolai Sept. How he came by it and who created it are not known, but it is clearly far more potent than any typical magic ring.

Property: When you are hit by an attack with the Psychic or Charm key words, the attacker is dazed until the end of his or her next turn.

Power (Daily): Free Action. Until the end of the encounter, your attacks gain the Psychic key word and deal Psychic damage in addition to their normal key words and damage types. If you have reached at least one milestone today, targets hit by your attacks must also make an immediate saving through or be dazed until the end of your next turn.

Ring of Twisted Dreams

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