Relic of the Old Gods

Part One: Relic of the Old Gods

An attack on the Theundal monastery at Castle Hill in Nenoria thrusts the players into the heart of the Sanction’s war on faith. After the Abbess of the Castle Hill Monastery – and the relic she’s carrying – is captured by the Athar, the players must learn where she has been taken, rescue her, and secure the lost artifact.

Adventure Completion Reward: 5000xp

Story Points

Missionary to the GnollsIn the process of securing a hiding place off the beaten path, the players encounter a large tribe of Gnolls, under the sway of a sanction missionary. The missionary uses divine magic in a strange way, foreshadowing the events at the very end of the story.

The Nenorian ResistanceHaving secured a base of operations, the players become involved with the local Nenorian resistance against the Sanction. A resistance cell in Ordwatch may have the information the players need to find the Abbess and the Relic. The resistance appears again in part three to aid the players in Castelor.

The Ruins of OrdThe nearby ruins of the ancient city of Ord have been much plundered by adventurers, but there are roomers of a powerful divining circle there, which the players could use to find the Abbess. This introduces the ancient civilization of Sul’Amon, which will appear as a backdrop for many events.

The Inscrutable MentorConspicuously nameless in this part of the adventure, a powerful arcane spell caster will provide the players with their means of escape from the tunnels and warehouses under Fort Dust, in the form of a powerful Portal Key. This character will appear throughout the campaign as a guide.


Prelude (592xp / ea.) Castle Hill (1378xp / ea.) The South Road (1221xp / ea.) Barrowsford (1265xp / ea.) Ruins of Ord (1170xp / ea.) Fort Dust (735xp / ea.) The Fortress (1333xp / ea.)


  • Level 9 Item
  • Level 10 Item
  • Level 10 Item
  • Level 11 Item
  • Level 11 Item
  • Level 13 Item
  • Ring of Twisted Dreams
  • 12,000gp

Relic of the Old Gods

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