Grand Master of the Sanction

The Room:

(Clockwise from the entrance)

  • Erathis (Restoration) Powers used in this room are not expended.
  • Chauntea (Healing) You gain regeneration equal to their highest ability score.
  • Bahamut (The Elements) You choose power damage type, and inflict vulnerable 20.
  • Kedrati(Luck) You may re-roll any d20 or damage roll made in this room.
  • Bra’azeel (Deception) Characters in this room are Invisible at all times.
  • Dol Arrah (Guardian) The mark attack penalty for your marks is -10 instead of -2.
  • Thor (Battle) You gain a +4 bonus to attacks, and +10 bonus to damage.
  • Moradin (Protection) You gain a +10 bonus to all defenses and saving throws.

Total: 18800xp (3760xp Each)

Grand Master of the Sanction

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