Finding the Deeps

Skill Challenge

Complexity 3, Level 9, 975xp
8 Successes / 4 Failures


  • History (DC21) – With access to the city archives, and a little clever talking, you can gain access to maps of the city’s underground. They will help you find a rout through the tunnels that takes you where you’re going.
  • Dungeoneering (DC26) – In a city the size of Fort Dust, it’s almost inevitable that the sewers and tunnels that serve it interconnect beneath the surface, and lead in under supposedly secure premises such as the fortress.
  • Streetwise (DC21) – Local criminals, less than reputable merchants, and sneaking soldiers all might know a way clandestine rout into the fortress and out again. You just need to talk them into sharing.
  • Arcana (DC26) – Examining the wards around the fortress, you can sense that they are designed mostly to protect against conventional attacks. They are far less powerful beneath the surface of the earth.


  • Standard success locates an entrance to the deeps, and a basic rout
  • Success using all four skills leads to the discovery of a treasure cache


  • Make an Endurance check (DC19) or loose a healing surge.

Finding the Deeps

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