Find the Way Out

Skill Challenge

Complexity 3, Level 8, 900xp
8 Successes / 4 Failures


  • Endurance (DC19) – Search the hard way, following the left or right wall on the premise that you’ll get where you’re going eventually. Once only. The tunnels clearly cross each other and form loops.
  • Dungeoneering (DC19) – Follow the slope of the mines, and the trickling water running through them, back towards the entrance. This will get you most of the way out, depending on where the water is coming in.
  • History (DC19) – Search for and locate miner’s marks, used by the original diggers to help them navigate the tunnels they created. They may not always be visible after so long, but they help.
  • Perception (DC24) – Catch the sent of fresh air, or follow the Athar raiding party’s tracks back towards the entrance of the mines. Tracks are rare on the stone, and there’s no breeze, but it can be done.


  • Standard success locates the way out with 3d4 hours of searching
  • Success using all four skills locates the unconscious Junior Sanctioner


  • Make an Endurance check (DC19) or loose a healing surge.
  • Make a Perception or Stealth check (Party, DC24) to avoid monsters, or loose a healing surge.

Find the Way Out

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