Citadel of the Ancients

Part Three: Citadel of the Ancients

Left behind enemy lines upon their return to Koar, the players’ have a clear and immediate mission – to confer with the mysterious Archive in the Asylum at Sanctuary Vale about the location of the third part of the artifact. This will be easier said than done however, as they are captured, and loose the parts they have to the Sanction’s aberrant allies. The Archive reveals their course however, and the Athar’s plan to enslave the gods themselves.

Adventure Completion Reward: 20,000xp

Story Points

The Aberrant MenaceThe creatures of The Collective and their underlings are apparently complicit in the Sanction’s schemes. In the end, it will become clear that they are using the Athar to their own ends – rebuilding the Dimensional Breaching Charge as part of a plan to create a permanent conjunction with the Far Realms.

The Sanction’s PlanIt’s never been clear just what the Sanction wants with the Dimensional Breaching Charge, but neither option is good. The Archive reveals the key fact however: the Athar have gained a means of siphoning divine power from the gods themselves, and if they restore the seal, their might will be unmatched.

The Sanctuary ValeSince the days of the ancient empire, the Sanctuary Vale have policed the use of magic from the shadows. It is there where the players can find the Archive, a repository of all mortal knowledge. What is not immediately obvious is that the Archive is a person, an inmate of the Vale’s ancient Asylum.

The Citadel of the SouthThe mages of Sul’Amon manipulated arcane power as a science. Their devices maintained The Seal for thousands of years, and were capable of even greater acts. The great city of the south was once the center of this art, and there the arcane masters learned to chain the power of the gods themselves.


Escaping Castelor Citadel (4020xp / ea.) The Forest of the Lost (4050xp / ea.) Trek Through the Trulclimbs (4000xp / ea.) The Sanctuary Vale (5180xp / ea.) The Beacons of Sul’Amon (5000xp / ea.) The Icebound Citadel (4960xp / ea.) Chamber of the Gods (—xp / ea.)


Citadel of the Ancients

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