Bracers of Ancient Divinity

Unique Wrist Item

These heavy, patinaed bronze wrist guards bear detailed engravings and relief carvings of people gathered in worship around a complex mechanical looking device one one wrist, and a simple stone obelisk on the other. The graven scenes almost seam to animate and move.

The Bracers of Ancient Divinity were a gift from En’tul Aquin, High Summoner of the Old Gods, after the party thwarted invasion of the ancient arcane prison at the Sanctuary Vale. It is virtually certain they originated in the Empire of Sul’Amon.

Property: You gain a +4 item bonus to damage and ignore up to 10 points of the target’s resistance with your Divine attack powers.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. Melee Touch. Target’s one Standard or Minion enemy. Make a Wisdom + 4 attack against the target’s Will defense. On a hit, the target is Dominated (Save Ends). If you have reached a milestone today, this power is Reliable.

Bracers of Ancient Divinity

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