Bindings of Absolute Stability

Unique Feet Item

A pair of dark leather straps, decorated along their entire lengths by rune inscribed golden rivets, these bindings can be woven around the feat and ankles. The runic decorations on them glow with a dull golden light whenever their powers are called upon.

The Bindings of Absolute Stability were confiscated from a Drow Scout Captain in service to the aberrants of the New Convergence, after the party defeated his ambush in the Forest of the Lost. According to him, they were captured from a Trul raider centuries ago.

Property: You are immune to all forms of forced movement, including teleportation, and you may ignore difficult terrain.

Power (Encounter): Free Action. Activate this power when you would be effected by forced movement from an enemy’s attack. Slide the triggering enemy any number of squares to a space adjacent to you and make a melee basic attack against it. If you have reached a milestone today, the target is also marked by you, and slowed until the end of its next turn.

Bindings of Absolute Stability

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