An avenger carrying the burden of a fallen empire


Thousands of years ago a great empire fell, struck down in its own arrogance. But there were those that believed there was something worth saving, and since that time they have acted as the stewards for a fragment of divinity passed on until the time came for it to rise and flourish once again.

Enash is the latest in this line, though not the last. As a young man he was chosen to be the vessel for the fragment, to protect it until the time came to either pass it on or release it back into the world. He has accepted this responsibility with the same solemn determination in which it was given to him, continuously training his mind and body in the harsh lands of The Brightlands to better serve in this task.

The divine spark that Enash carries provides a number of benefits to its host, many of which can be improved with proper training. Enash’s wits are sharper, as is his tongue. The spark also protects his mind from assault while enabling telepathic communication with allies. As a fourth edition game mechanic Enash is considered Kalashtar, though he appears as any other human.

Called to task by what he later neared was a chronomancer, Enash joined forces with a small band seeking to recover the pieces of an extremely powerful artifact before it could be used to seal Koar once again or open a gateway into another plane. And though the trial almost proved too much, in the end the artifact was safely recovered and those that would use it for ill purpose destroyed.


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