Sanction of the Athar

Prelude to Adventure

Part One: Relic of the Old Gods, Session One

  • 119gp in mixed Nenorian denominations
  • 2 Potions of Healing (Heroic Tier)
  • 3550xp Total (592xp Each)

Thought each of them has his or her own reasons for coming to Nenoria, on their journey north along the eastern coast of the New Sea, they met and bonded. Some had heard of the rise of the Sanction in the land, and came at the behest of gods, seers, or their own sense of right to fight against it. Others were on a more personal quest for power, opportunity, or redemption. All of them needed strong allies, and found that in each other.

Debarking from a smuggler’s ship on Nenoria’s rugged and remote southwestern coast, the band travels north-east, across the breadth of the young and treacherous Godswrath Mountains, and through the Ord Hills towards their destination – the town of Castle Hill. Northwest of Fort Dust, and Southeast of Arcstone Castle, the Theundal monastery there – assuming the Sanction has not yet lain siege to it – represents the party’s best opportunity to connect with existing resistance.

Their journey was largely uneventful. Though not well traveled, the passes through the Godswraths, and the wending paths across the western foothills were easy enough to follow, and the party managed to avoid most of the region’s more lethal hazards. The one exception, a far ranging Nenorian patrol lead by a Sanctioner Lieutenant, they met and dealt with neatly, though it was a battle hard fought.


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